KL2.5LM LED Mining Cordless headlamp 2500mah battery Miner cordless head lamp

Feature: 1. LED : less energy and super brightness LED2. Battery : safety lithium ion battery3. Small in size, light in weight, free maintenance, explosion prevention, waterproof, long life4. Lig



    1. LED : less energy and super brightness LED

    2. Battery : safety lithium ion battery

    3. Small in size, light in weight, free maintenance, explosion prevention, waterproof, long life

    4. Lighting time : more than 12 working hours, double light source design

    5. Charger AC input : AC110 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz DC output : DC4.2V,1A

    6. Working temperature : -10 ~ 45 degrees

    7. Relative air humidity : <= 95% +- 3RH



    1Rated capacityAh2.8
    2Nominal voltageV3.7
    3Lighting timeh≥13
    4LEDlight source            Rated voltageV4.2
    Main light source/powermA200
    Auxiliary light sourcemA60
    5Max illuminance at 1mBegin lightingLx3000
    Lighting 11hLx2500
    7Nos of battery cycle
    8Carton packing 
    9Packing size
    10With charger


    Operating Modes:

    Main Mode: The standard luminous intensity for general illumination

    High-Beam Mode: High beam for temporary long distance and spotting illumination

    Auxiliary Mode: Low luminous intensity, power saving, long operation and glare avoidance.



    -Highest dust protection and submersible water protection

    -Very low maintenance to significantly reduce your lamp room cost

    -Strong protection from over voltage, over current, over charge and over discharge

    -High light output in mining level and three operating modes for different applications

    -Exceptional strength and rugged structure designed for the harshest mining environment

    -Adjustable angle to point wherever you see, near or far—to read and write, repair equipment of check the ceiling, significantly reducing dead corners

    -Free you from the inconvenience of electrical cable and burden of a battery pack and also eliminates the possibility of any accident by bumping or snagging cable cord.